IMPORTANT! Due to some people copying my artwork for resale, I will now be showing my new artwork on another site...please click on the mermaid below....

Alice's Whimsy

The following pictures are loosely based on Alice and Dorothy's Adventures.
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where shall we go next, Rarfie?

how much longer bunn-bunn?

ahhh....nothing like a cuppa before an adventure!

who's next Bunnykins?
( artdoll from my 'Queen of Hearts' kit )

the little ones are ok tho, huh hattie?

alone with my imagination

Ahhhh...tea by candlelight

make the most of yourself for that is all there is of you
( artdoll from my 'Heartbroken' kit )

waiting for time

uh-oh Toto, said Dorothy, its happened again, I REALLY need to work on my landings

sometimes you just need to put a cork in it, huh pinky?

oops...there's not mush room in here!

around and round we go

sometimes you just have to have faith and leap

she said she wouldn't be late, be late...

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  1. Hello again Deb, I'm going to spend my entire night just drooling over all of your fantastic creations. I see Bernice is following you on Google, I am so pleased to know that. I am eager to play with your creations that you offered free.
    Your artistic ability has no bounds my friend.
    Rebecca Laughton