IMPORTANT! Due to some people copying my artwork for resale, I will now be showing my new artwork on another site...please click on the mermaid below....

art journal

The following pictures are from my art journal
clicking on the picture will give you a larger image

dolls from Tartan kit 
dolls from Tartan kit 
doll from 'Black and White with Love' kit
doll from Christmas Past kit
Doll from Ocean Deep Kit
My guardians
(doll from 'Animal Adventure' kit )

Lost on the wind

Pigs do fly!

Through the hoops
( doll from peaches and cream kit )

Love lost

That's a really big chicken Honey!

My babies bring me pearls
( doll from 'Vintage Lace' kit )

They always come back


  1. Hello Deb, I am so delighted to see your 2 new girls,I have been waiting for your Vintage Lace ladies and you have amazed me once again. I see so many here that I have not seen on Deviant Scrap. Do you ever offer some of your not so current art dolls. Now I'm assuming that is why I have not seen them before. My secretary, Bernice Wagnitz who has gifted me so many may have just discovered your fabulous talented designer group. She is determined to give me all you make( isn't she just the best!)I adore her as much as I adore your lovely ladies, all of them.
    Kindest Regards
    Rebecca Laughton

  2. Lovely, exciting and special.
    Eva Agnes

  3. The more of your work I look at, the bigger a fan I become of your style. You are amazing.