IMPORTANT! Due to some people copying my artwork for resale, I will now be showing my new artwork on another site...please click on the mermaid below....

journal - double page

The following pages are from my personal journals...ready to be 'journaled' on.
Please respect my copyright!
You can click on the picture for a bigger image.

( doll from Granny's Pearls Kit )

( doll from 'Granny's Pearls' kit )

(dolls from Hotel Hell -  Whispers in the Attic Artdoll kit)

(using doll and paper from the "Ruby Witches" Kits)

(using doll  from the "Ruby Witches" Kit)

( using doll from 'Fruit Punch' kit )

( using doll from 'Vintage Lace' kit )

 ( doll from 'Fruit Punch' kit )


  1. Hello Deb, I just realized that the art dolls that I've never seen are part of your journal pages. And I'm in awe of all of them. Do you ever sell these, I love your creativity and the wonderful backgrounds that you have used. I would buy them in a second.
    Rebecca Laughton

    1. Hi Rebecca...I will eventually be releasing kits with some of these ones....I try and wait till I get enough ' collage bits' to make 5 or so of the same theme. So keep checking back Chickee!!!! Thanks heaps and hugs Deb.